Get Job-Ready in
the Trades...
by building a modular home!

Get hands-on training, a paid job placement, and become employable in construction or the trades.

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Participant Benefits

Build Skills for Success in the Trades

construction team

Participant Benefits

Building Your Future Starts with Blue Branch

Learn how to build modular housing.
Transferable skills to traditional housing and general construction.
Job readiness with all necessary certificates and requirements.
Entry into high-demand job market with competitive edge.
Foot in the door for individuals without prior experience or training.
Certifications provided for forklift, crane, first aid, working at heights, etc.
Digital resume with videos showcasing participant's skills.
Opportunities to meet potential employers throughout the program.
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Get Job-Site Ready with Hands-On Trades Training

Join an exclusive group working together to construct a six-plex modular home, while learning the necessary tools for successful employment in the trades!


Recruitment Goal

Be one of 100 lucky individuals kickstarting their work in the trades, with 4 weeks training PLUS 4 weeks paid placement.


Construction Objective

Build a six-plex modular home using pre-built modules, like shipping containers, for rapid assembly.


Training Focus

Undergo comprehensive training, covering essential skills, safety protocols, and transferable industry knowledge.


Employment Preparation

Get job-ready for employment in the construction industry through hands-on training and practical experience.



We prioritize inclusivity and diversity in our recruitment efforts, highlighting opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Application Process

It’s easy! Click the “Apply Now” button and fill out an application to get started.


Now Housing Facility in Cambridge, ON.

Our Purpose

Equip You with Fundamental Skills to Get a Job in the Trades

Empowering Participants

Get the training and experience you need to start a job in construction or the trades.

Building Skills

Gain practical experience and theoretical knowledge with transferable skills that apply to various aspects of construction.

Promoting Inclusivity

Your diversity is a benefit for our program and the industry.

Meeting Industry Demand

Focus on high-demand trades with comprehensive training. Get job-ready and meet the demands of the construction market head-on.

Creating Opportunities

No prior trades experience? No problem! This is your first step to getting started in the skilled trades.

Fostering Community

Collaborate with an exclusive group of 100 participants to not only build homes but also forge connections in the industry.


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Program Requirements

  • Participants must be 18 years or older
  • Capable of full-time work
  • It is mandatory to hold a valid work permit and meet EI criteria
  • High school graduation is also a prerequisite
  • Applicants must complete program application form
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